How trekking poles work?


Very steep uphill: You can put two sticks together at a high place, push down with both hands together, use the strength of the upper limbs to drive the body up, and feel the pressure on the legs is greatly reduced. When going up steep slopes, it can greatly relieve the pressure on the legs and transfer part of the work done by the lower limbs to the upper limbs.

Gentle ascent: As you would normally walk, the two sticks are staggered forward.



Gentle descents: Bend slightly, place your weight on the trekking poles, and move the poles staggered. Especially when the road conditions are not good, when descending on some gentle gravel roads, using two sticks, the center of gravity is on the sticks, there is a feeling of walking on the ground, and the speed can be increased very quickly.

Very steep downhill: At this time, the trekking pole can only be used as a fulcrum and cannot relieve the pressure on the knees and legs. It also doesn't help speed up, but don't speed up at this time.


Flat road

Flat roads with poor road conditions: Putting your weight on the stick can slow down situations where one foot is deep and one foot is shallow, such as flat gravel roads. Go steady.

Flat road with good road conditions: If there is a load, you can bend slightly and unload it on the trekking pole through your hands to reduce the impact on your knees. If you don't have a load and feel that trekking poles are useless, you can leave your hands free, which is easier.


Maintenance and care of trekking poles

1. When we don't need the trekking pole, when we want to put it away, it is best to store the trekking pole separately, and put the opening upright downward, so that the water inside can slowly flow out.

2. When maintaining trekking poles, you can use a very small amount of rust remover to treat the rust on the surface, but before use, be sure to remove all the grease on the surface, so as not to affect the adjustment and locking function of the trekking poles .

3. Occasionally, there are some small problems with trekking poles, but they can be easily ruled out. Gently tap the locked parts, or wet the trekking poles, you can reduce some friction, and then you can smooth the trekking poles. Unscrew.

4. A problem often occurs with trekking poles, that is, the grommet in the pole will rotate with the pole and cannot be locked. Most of the reasons for this kind of failure are that the grommet is too dirty. Just disassemble the pole, then thoroughly clean it and then install it. Go back and fix the problem.

If it still cannot be locked, after disassembling the strut, turn the thinner strut into the grommet to spread the grommet, directly insert it into the thicker strut, adjust it to the desired length, and then lock it. Just tight.

5. For trekking poles adjusted with three sections, do not only extend one of the poles without using the other pole, or exceed the warning scale of the poles, which will cause the trekking poles to be easily bent and deformed and cannot be used.

The best way to use it is to adjust the other two extendable poles to the same length, which can ensure the support strength of the trekking pole and increase the service life of the trekking pole.

Post time: Jul-27-2022