• How trekking poles work?

    Uphill Very steep uphill: You can put two sticks together at a high place, push down with both hands together, use the strength of the upper limbs to drive the body up, and feel the pressure on the legs is greatly reduced. When going up steep slopes, it can greatly relie...
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  • The right trekking pole is labor-saving, and the wrong one is more laborious

    Many mountaineering enthusiasts ignore the correct use of trekking poles, and some even think that it is useless at all. There are also people who draw scoops according to the gourd, and they also take one when they see others poking a stick. In fact, the use of trekking...
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  • Are you using trekking poles correctly?

    A mention of outdoor gear, Most ALICE friends come to mind are various Backpacks, tents, jackets, sleeping bags, hiking shoes… For these commonly used equipment, Everyone will pay special attention and willing to spend a fortune on it. ...
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