Monopod shooting hunting stick with outer flip clamp locking system

Short Description:

● Push-button Height Adjustment
● Easy Locking Cams
● Padded Strap
● Carbide Tip and Rubber Boot
● Post Attachment System

Product Detail

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● Monopod Shooting Stick
● Shooting yoke with the Quick-Change System
● Lightweight aluminum leg with a retractable metal spike for rugged terrain
● Lever leg lock design with a rubber retention strap
● Durable rubber grip

Shooting monopod helps you handle the elements with a soft foam hand grip and anti-slip rubber feet. Weighing less than one pound and with hand strap, it's great for travel. Its removable V-shaped yoke with rubber  so you can make shots at every angle without repositioning the shooting stick. Remove the yoke and use its universal " thread bolt with spotting scopes, camcorders or cameras. Quick flip leg locks make height adjustment quick and easy.


1. Who are the personnel in your R&D department?
What work qualifications do you have? The R&D personnel mainly include factory designers and foreign trade sales personnel to discuss together once or twice a month on a regular basis, and put forward corresponding development ideas according to the needs of foreign guests. Our factory management staff and foreign trade sales staff have been specialized in selling shotgun racks for 15 years.

2. What is the research and development idea of ​​?
Your company's products? According to the product usage and quality requirements accumulated by foreign customers in the sales process, we have a professional team of engineers to develop them accordingly.

3. What certifications has your company passed?
TUV's product material certification.

4. What environmental protection indicators have your products passed?
Product surface treatment is harmless through environmentally friendly oxidizing liquid.

5. What testing equipment does your company have?
Product stress testing machine and material property testing.

6. What is your company's quality process?
The raw materials are inspected before production, and the semi-finished products are also strictly checked during the production process.

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