Tripod Quick Stick with Simple Trigger system to release the legs

Short Description:

Adjustable from 90cm to 165 in height.
Simple Trigger system to release the legs.
Comes equipped with V Yoke.

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• With Tripod Sticks, one hand and the pull of a trigger adjust the Stick to your desired height.
• The Stick is a light weight height adjustable gun rest and optical gear mount, perfect for kneeling or standing.
• Comes with a detachable 360 degrees V-yoke.
• Features trigger lock, fluid handle movement, whisper-quiet telescoping legs and stronger, light aluminum legs for easy carry with the included wrist strap.

R & D and design

1. Who are the personnel in your R & D department? What are their working qualifications? The R & D personnel mainly include factory designers and foreign trade sales personnel, who jointly discuss once or twice a month, and put forward corresponding development ideas according to the needs of foreign guests. Our factory managers and foreign trade salesmen have been specialized in selling hunting gun rack series products for 15 years.

2. What is your product development idea? According to the product use and quality requirements accumulated by foreign customers in the sales process, we have a professional team of engineers to develop accordingly.

3. What is the design principle of your products? According to the actual needs of hunting and shooting gun racks in foreign export markets, shooting gun racks are developed.

4. Can your products bring the guest's logo? We use OEM or ODM, that is, we can produce according to the logo of foreign buyers.

5. How often do you update your products? Develop new products once or twice a year.

6. What are the technical indicators of your products? If yes, what are the details? Apply for appearance and utility model patents at home and abroad for the appearance and material technology of products.

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