Bipod Quick Stick with Simple Trigger system to release the legs

Short Description:

Adjustable from 100cm to 165 in height.
Simple Trigger system to release the legs.
Comes equipped with V Yoke.

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-New Quick Detach Yoke System with Integrated Lock
-New Leg Angle Lock
-New Contoured Grip with No-Slip Backbone
-Strengthened Rotating Joint for Smooth Panning
-New Heavy Duty look with Dark Earth Accents

Adjustable to desired height with just one hand and pull of trigger, lightweight and height adjustable for gun or optics, detachable v-yoke, wrist strap fixtures for securing optical gear, new quick detach yoke, new no-slip grip, new leg angle lock, strengthened joint how large is your company? How much is the annual output value? The factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, with an annual output value of 30million yuan to 40million yuan.

Quality Control

What testing equipment do you have? Product pressure tester and material performance test.

What is your quality process? Raw materials shall be inspected before production, semi-finished products in the production process shall also be strictly controlled, and the inspection and control shall continue when the complete products are completed.

What are the quality problems that have occurred in your company before? How to improve and solve this problem? There is no quality problem.

Is your product traceable? If yes, how to achieve it? Each order is numbered numerically and recorded in the factory.

What is the yield of your products? How is it achieved? If the yield reaches above 95%, the unqualified products in the production process will not be sold.

what is your QC standard? Strictly control the product quality according to the requirements of domestic export products.


1. What certifications has your company passed?
TUV's product material certification.

2. What environmental protection indicators have your products passed?
Product surface treatment is harmless through environmentally friendly oxidizing liquid.

3. What patents and intellectual property rights do your products have?
Our products have appearance and utility model patents, and have appearance and utility model patents in European and American countries.

4. Which customers have your company passed the factory audit?
European and American guests have conducted many field visits to our company and recognized the quality of our products.

5. What safety do your products need to have?
The raw materials and processing technology of our products meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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