The 4 legged shooting sticks

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● Exceptionally nice and lightweight shooting stick
● Supports the rifle at two points and offers a highly stable shooting position
● Height adjustable from 95 cm to 175 cm
● V yoke mounted on top pivots freely
● Includes cushioned foam hand grips, adjustable leg strap
● Made of aluminum alloy tubing

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The 4 legged shooting sticks will take your off-hand shooting to the next level under real world shooting conditions. With a little practice shooting big game animals to 400 yards is a piece of cake. Light weight, fast to active and adjustable for all heights, The sticks are the choice for serious hunters world wide. Hunters, military, law enforcement and Spec Ops groups will all improve their shooting with this unique shooting rest.

The 4 legged shooting stick - for an accurate shot in variable positions even over long distances The individual height adjustment results through the distance between the two legs of the front and rear rest, flexibly offering many variable shooting positions, regardless of the terrain. The adjustable V front rest allows a field of adjustment of approx. 50 m on a 100 m distance. The stick is an essential companion for almost all hunting situations with massive stability through the 2-point-rest. It is also ideal for use in observation as well as a solid for ease of movement in rough terrain.

There is a built-in transmission in both top sections, ensuring that they are always in the same position, relative to the legs’ spread angle. With this system it is now possible to spread out the leg’s, to the normal standing shooting height, if you grasp the handle on the side and around the left pair of legs and lift the sticks off the ground. Squeeze the handle. If you need a little higher or lower rest, due to the nature of the terrain, you can just fine tune by grabbing one leg and adjust the spreading angle. If you want to use the stick for sitting or kneeling shooting position, simply shorten the legs and spread them out to the needed angle.

The rubber feet on the stick are also new. They are designed to be used on hard, smoother surfaces, to ‘bite’ into the ground at a larger spreading angle, as well as tread on soft surfaces.
The wide cradle, traditionally the front has been widened, so that you now can cover a larger area without having to move the stick.
The fork previously intended only to support the rear stock has now been opened and provided with full rubber coating on the surfaces. As a result, the stick can now be used in both directions. The fork can now support the front stock, and the side adjustment can be done in the same way as when using bipods on the rifle.
The edge of the top sections has now been made so wide that it is the rubber on the side that touches the front legs, which reduces noise when you are carrying the shooting sticks.
The 4 legged stick is a strong and very stable set of shooting.

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