5 legged shooting stick each leg with 2 section tubes

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The 5 legged shooting stick is a strong and very stable set of shooting sticks, to be used for prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing shots. We tested them for several months and endorse them for hunters and shooters looking to make long accurate shots.

Even though it is one of the most common shooting positions when shooting it is not the most steady.

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The 5 legged shooting sticks can give you a versatile and steady support for longer shots when on foot.

The Shooting Stick sets new standards. Thanks to the well thought-out, practical hunting optimisations, the aiming stick is not only the ideal solution for a safe shot in difficult conditions, but also even more comfortable to use. The grip, which allows the rifle to remain safely on target over a lateral range of 20 meters (referred to 100 meters shooting distance), is unchanged. However, the rest fork, which is located on the grip and in which the weapon rests - unless the forearm of the weapon is connected directly to the target stock with the help of a pin - is reliably fixed by a new safety slide. In addition, a scale discreetly printed on the legs helps to quickly and reliably adjust the target stick to the same height every time. A detachable and length-adjustable cord ensures a constant spread of the target stick. A valuable time-saver when things have to be done quickly! The foot sections are now made of hard rubber, thus reducing any noise to an absolute minimum.

So much of our hunting is done on foot that it makes sense that we need to be able to shoot standing up. Whether it's the long grass, the lay of the land or the extra movement that means you cannot get prone, we all need a solid shooting stick when standing up.
Modern shooting sticks come in 2 leg (Bipod), 3 leg (Tripod), 4 leg (Quad Sticks) and now even 5 legged versions. They all offer excellent support, are quick, easy and silent to deploy and give you a solid shooting platform.

The 5th leg is an ADD ON to the 4 legged stick.
With adding the 5th leg by detachable assembling.

The 5TH Support leg for the 4 legged shooting stick . Can be easily clicked on and provides an additional stability. In addition, your shooting sticks can stand alone.
Single Leg is made of black anodized aluminum and is telescopic.

● Extra vertical stability
● Easy click on and off
● With outer flip easy locking system
● Telescopic leg, easy and fast to adjust
● Made of black anodized aluminum
● Clip Grips included

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